In admitting new members, the Forum uses an assessment model which is objective and sustainable over time. Member companies must meet two basic criteria:

  • It is essential that they enjoy an excellent reputation and that the origin or image of the brand be Spanish.
  • The brand¡¯s profile / recognition and degree of internationalisation are the most highly-valued admission criteria, together with the company¡¯s size and leadership.

  • The FMRE and its member companies work together on joint ¡°cobranding¡± actions between companies (corporate and commercial brands) and the authorities (Brand Spain) for their mutual benefit, enjoying the direct support of the network of Spanish embassies and trade offices around the world.

    SIMON is a part of FMRE, an initiative by leading brands who have formed an alliance with the authorities to foster and defend Spanish brands in cooperation with its patrons (the ministry of industry, tourism and trade, the ministry of foreign affairs and cooperation, ICEX and the Spanish patent and trademark office), as a forum for reflection and knowledge about brands, their value and development as an asset of key importance to the competitiveness of the Spanish economy.

    Its basic mission is to act as the principal interlocutor for Spanish brands with the relevant institutions and audiences, and a platform to support the internationalisation of Spanish brands. Since it was set up in 1999 it has cemented its position, working to make Spanish brands symbols of prestige at international level and act as a driving force for Brand Spain.